About Chesa Henkel (creator of Deven Creek Shetlands); Chesa grew up about 8 miles where she lives now (in south eastern Nebraska).  She was born with horses and started riding on her own at the age of 3.  When she was 7 years old she started taking lessons with an olympic level dressage trainer/instructor, Rikki LeVine (who now resides in CA).  Chesa took lesson with Rikki til' her late teens along with taking lessons with Vicki Radtke (AQHA judge that also judges in a few other associations) as a kid and Vicki also hauled her to clinics when younger.  Chesa competed in 4-H and open shows as a kid until college years and competing in almost all the 4-H events and in 1989 won the State 4-H English Equitation class and was also Reseve champion the following year again.  Chesa also had the tallent (born with it and inherited it from her mother) the ability to draw & create "life like" pictures that capture the beauty and presence of horses.  Chesa also has the ablility from the years of experience and knowledge to beable to read & work with horses.  Chesa has had a wide variety of training & experience threw her life and adult life with Roping, Cutting, Dressage, Western & English Pleasure, Showmanship, Poles & Barrels and Reining.  Her favorite is the ability to start young horses and bring them up to a professional level of training.  Her latest accomplishments have been with her miniatures and now Shetlands.  The fall of 2005 was the first year Chesa got her first miniature (which was for her youngest son).  It didn't take long before she wanted one of her own to show with her kids and out of one mare, 2 mares came with that deal and a month later her first stallion came and then a month after that her 3rd mare came...... and so on!  Where Chesa now works full time for her step-dad where they make equine dental floats and insturments these Shetlands are like a breath of fresh air for her.  They are so much fun and just such wounderful little horses.  With the Shetlands, Chesa is able to keep training & showing her own and doing what she loves most ~ horses!!  And it gives a nice feel of accomplishment in her life.  Chesa's goal with the Shetlands is to show & raise Congress & National quality horses that will do well in the show pen and give her farm recognition. 


Offering services: Custom business cards & logos, art work, etched glass and custom web design.  Also ask about 2 of my limited addition prints offered for sale!


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